Depression taking hold!!

Well where to begin my partner who is normally so supportive is making everything so negative all the time. From what my kids do and don’t do, it’s trivia shit. He has been off work for 4 and half weeks after an operation and is driving me to despair. Our 3 yr old son has broken his Tibia in 2 places and will be in plaster for a total of 10 weeks. He keeps having melt downs and tantrums which I understand as he can’t do much but when I’m feeling so low with no support from family I feel like I’m sinking fast. We have no respite no time out no us time because Alfie just wants us only. In a way I will probably find it easier if he was back at work!!!

I started writing this last week and have had no time to carry it on. Since I’ve started writing this my partner has been to the Drs as he was drinking daily and is now on antidepressants and has got to get in touch with the counselling service for some CBT therapy and one to one counselling. So we are hoping that will help with his mood and stop him drinking or off to AA he will be going!!!

Every day is another day gone and closer to my son being out of plaster but then the fun begins with rehabilitation.

Something else that gets me so wound up is when I am walking anywhere with him in his wheelchair the looks people give you add if to say aww poor thing/ wonder what he has done post pity looks do my head in. Come take over my life for 24hrs with my son throwing the meanest of tantrums and constantly on your case for everything and see how you cope!! Coz right now I’m not coping I’m nearly hanging on by the skids of my pants nearly losing it every second of the day.



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